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A Brand is a Voice and a Product is a Souvenir

Employer branding refers to the practice of controlling and influencing your employer's reputation among job seekers, workers, and key stakeholders. It includes everything you do to market your company as a top employer.

Your employer brand is the reputation of your company as an employer. Simply said, it is what job searchers and workers think about you. When you're not there, it's what they tell their friends and relatives. Though it may not be visible, your employer's brand is a valuable asset that must be nurtured on a regular basis.

Assume you've done an outstanding job of developing a strong brand for your products or services. Unfortunately, this alone will not persuade someone to work for or stay with your organisation. When it comes to promoting your company's leadership, beliefs, and culture, you must use the same branding strategy.

When a job seeker asks an employee at your firm, "How's it like to work there?" the person will not respond, "We've produced some fantastic merchandise." Instead, he'll focus on people management, corporate values, and workplace culture on a daily basis. You must present an engaging tale to ensure a solid employer brand.

What are some of the Examples of Employer Branding?

1. Chipotle

- Chipotle Mexican Grill is, as you might expect, a restaurant franchise headquartered in California. Despite the COVID-19 problem and its devastating impact on many segments of the restaurant sector, Chipotle has actually grown its operations.

- Chipotle prioritises three aspects of employer branding: employee perks, promotions, and inclusivity. As an employer, the most essential thing to remember when making commitments to your employees and prospects is to follow through.

- Chipotle appears to be doing an excellent job of honouring its promises: the firm improved its parental leave programme last year, introduced mental health programmes to its benefits package in 2019, and provides several chances for staff education.

- Furthermore, more than 70% of the company's general managers are promoted from within, and 70% of its personnel comes from various backgrounds. On the company's Facebook page, there are several examples of Chipotle employees discussing their job experiences. Each story proves that the organization is living up to its key EVP messages of focusing on employee benefits, promotions, and inclusion.

2. Netflix

- Netflix's careers website begins with a section describing the company's (in)famous culture. Unlike what you would assume, you'll land on a website that's all text, with no videos, graphics, or other distracting elements, simply words on a simple backdrop.

- The company's culture is explained extensively, but it does not make things appear any better than they are. For example, it discusses what Netflix considers to be an ideal team, how they feel a team should work, and how not everyone may continue on the team if they fail the so-called keeper's test (meaning their manager would not fight to keep them if they were to leave).

- They're also open about their compensation philosophy, which is to pay people at the top of their personal market (rather than, as they put it, a 2% rise for adequate and a 4% raise for exceptional). This also means that if their market value rises, certain employees will be paid more quickly than others.

- For those who prefer to watch a video, the company's careers page also includes a video of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings discussing what he's learnt in 20 years at Netflix. He, too, speaks openly and provides a genuine picture of working at Netflix.

3. Marriott International

- Marriott's EVP is based on the organization's philosophy that the cornerstone of its success is the well-being of its employees.

- As a result, they committed to making their workplace a place where their employees' emotional, physical, and financial needs are prioritised. A workplace in which each employee feels appreciated as a member of a team. A place where individuals are inspired to make a positive impact in their communities. It's known as TakeCare.

- Countless instances of what Marriott does to live true to its commitment can be found on the company's different social media outlets.

- For example, there is a lot of information on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn about what the organisation does to assist and improve the health of its associates. There is also a lot of content.


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